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Want to stand on the shoulder of giants? 

Askpire can give that a push

Askpire, the pioneering Q&A platform doing the impossible - building the bridge between great minds and you

What we do

What we do ?

Close the gap between audience and inspirer by answering with selfie-video answer.  We keep our interaction down-to-earth and authentic.


Social Media


We connect Inspirers, inspiring figures, and Askpirers, users, by empowering Askpirers to raise Inspirers questions.



Interact, Communicate, Connect Understand

With our audience-oriented ecosystem, polling function, and big data user analytics, Askpire bridges inspirers and askpirers, as well as between Inspirers.

Friendly & 
Pressure-Free App 

Inspirers can pick/avoid question freely without pressure. Building a friendly online ecosystem is our rule of thumb.


Mobile App

Askpire allows threads to be shared across social media platforms. 


Why we do:

(Values we believe in)

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When education is delivered free of charge among the world, dream pursuing should also be free. Everyone should be given an opportunity to dream boldly regardless of their age, gender, or social background

Be the muse of many. Empower future generations with the Talaria of Hermes and Aegis of Athena.

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How we do differently:

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