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Our Key Features

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Multi-media Answering  


We encourage inspirers to answer by recording short causal videos for maximum interaction and time efficiency. Meanwhile, we also welcome answer in different formats, eg: voice recording, pictures, texts, etc.

Pressure-Free question selection mechanism

Polling, opinion & analytics collection 


Top 25 most "liked" question will be forwarded to inspirers. Yet, askpirers will not know which questions are forwarded until that question got answered. Inspirers are given the absolute freedom to pick/skip questions without pressure imposed by users. 

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Communication and asking question is a two-way process. Inspirers are given the option to initiate polling or open for comment, following a answer or stand alone. 

Friendly & Positive platform


Askpire stands firm on providing a friendly ecosystem which offensive/hatred questions will be banned and our upvote/downvote function enable other users to collectively filter unwelcomed questions.

Cross-platform sharing


Inspirers answer can be shared easily on other social media or even through emails. We enable truly All-in-One social medias that maximize efficiency.

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How it Works ?


Question(s) would become public to all users of Askpire once raised. Users could upvote any threads to express interest and support.

Askpirers raise question(s), choosing to target reply(ies) from any Inspirer or not.


 Top 20 questions will be shown to inspirers to encourage addressing widely interested and concerned questions.


Upvoting numbers would be hidden.

We encourage Inspirers reply questions with a clip; however, texting and voice recording are also available for the great minds when answering.


Our system will recommend answers to askpirers who asked and liked the question, as well as askpirers who have asked similar question


Upcoming Features

Askpire is constantly learning and improving. We strive for the best user experience for both Inspirers and Askpirers.

Bringing Askpire’s virtual interaction to reality, Askpire boldly endeavours. When the time comes, shall we welcome the new era of inspiration.

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